How to Rekindle a Bisexual Relationship

Seeing the fire go out of a relationship can be difficult for any couple, regardless of orientation. You know that you’ve loved this person in the past, that they love you, and that you want to keep on loving them in the future…so why does it seem as if things have cooled off between you two?

Simply put, these things just happen sometimes, even to the best couples. Bisexual women, however, can face an even greater deal of outside scrutiny, unfair as that is.

Here to help you, then, is a quick overview of how to rekindle a bisexual relationship (or any relationship, really) in no time.

Talk it Out

To begin with, you and your partner need to talk it out. Perhaps you’re simply miscommunicating. Maybe she’s noticed things have hit a snag as well, or maybe she’s been totally oblivious to your pain and calling her attention to it will bring about much-needed change in the relationship.

Communication is the byword for any healthy relationship, bet it between heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual men or women. Without that, everything else simply fails. Until you talk it out with her, you’ll have no way of knowing what’s wrong, and thus no way of putting things right.

Couples Counselting

One option far too many bisexual women in relationships overlook is the possibility of couples or marriage counseling. Part of this may be due to a fear of judgment or embarrassment—and that’s simply not fair. A bisexual couple has every right to every ounce of dignity and respect as does a relationship between a man and a woman—and a qualified and truly caring couples counselor will know that. As such, while these fears are perfectly understandable, in the end the do little but hurt bisexual women and deny couples their inherent, equal right to happiness, counseling, and care.

Try New Things

This can mean everything from trying out new positions in bed to reading a book together. The key factors here are, of course, that these things be new (and preferably that they’re new for both of you), that they’re things you BOTH want to do, and that they’re things you two can do TOGETHER.

From bondage to book binding, “bonding” really is the key here.

Have a Sin-Free/"Sinful" Night

One thing that gets in the way of a lot of long-standing relationships, for bisexual women and others, is the fact that after a long time together, couples can have a way of getting so used to one another (and having such a long memory of past arguments) that communication actually becomes more rather than less difficult with familiarity. One remedy for this is to have a “sin-free night”—a night wherein you both agree to say whatever’s on your mind, free of judgment or attacks. You might follow that cathartic exchange with a “sinful night”—a free exploration of your “naughtier” sides.

In the end, for bisexual women, as with all couples, communication really is the key to reinvigoration where relationships are concerned.