4 Things Bisexual Couples Should Do Together

Bisexual women and lesbian are people too just like you and me.

It may feel silly to read such a self-evident truth, and well it should—but even in 2015, a great deal of stereotyping goes on as to the nature of lesbian relationships. The fact of the matter is that while lesbian and bisexual women—like any group—have their own distinct cultural icons, personal preference still goes a long way to determining the whims of romance.

With that in mind, here are four things every lesbian and bisexual couples should do together.

Vacation in Europe

This obviously isn’t something that’s lesbian-specific, but it still makes for a great getaway. London, Paris, Madrid, Munich—Europe is your oyster. In addition to all the usual sights and sounds that make up the collective culture of Europe, some notable places lesbian and bisexual women might wish to check out include:

Take and Post Couples Selfies

Social media plays an absolutely massive role in relationships today, and nowhere is that more the case than with couples selfies. A selfie, at its core, is part self-portrait, part pose, and all personal expression, making this a great way to show both your partner and the world just how well you two complement one another. (Bonus points for couples costumes, lesbian or otherwise—say, Daria and Jane?)

Watch Other Awesome Lesbian/Bisexuals Together

So you’ve taken a couples selfies after trying a few new dishes during your Great Amsterdam Vacation, and now it’s time to unwind—why not cap things off with some excellent programming featuring lesbian women. Of course, Ellen DeGeneres remains arguably the most popular and powerful daytime comedian today, and an icon for lesbian and bisexual women everywhere. If you’re younger, or otherwise prefer YouTube programming, you might want to look into the Vlogging exploits of Kaelyn and Lucy, a popular and inspirational pair of Trans-Atlantic lovers whose videos range from light and comedic to thoughtful and caring—oh, and they’re also huge fans of Ellen, so there’s that. Something else that makes them special? Kaelyn and Lucy are always friends first, and that’s really a great relationship tip for straight and lesbian and bisexual women alike—your partner is, first and foremost, your best friend, and you should share that bond before anything else.