Five Things to Know Before Dating A Bisexual

You meet someone cute in a party and start talking. You really hit it off and start going on dates with him. You’re having a good time, but in the midst of pillow talk, he tells you that he’s bisexual. What you could be wondering is- Is dating a bisexual person any different from dating a heterosexual person? Is there anything you need to be conscious of when it comes to dating bisexuals? Below are five things you need to know before dating a bisexual person.

The definition of bisexuality is different for everyone

Everyone defines their sexual orientation differently and in the case of bisexuality, it can be a lot more complicated than just, “I like both boys and girls”. Don’t let your own biases hinder what he is trying to tell you. The level and depth of attraction for both sexes might differ greatly; some might have dated more women while others might be equally attracted to both the sexes. So it’s important to not make wrong assumptions about it.

Be respectful and open-minded

Although the level of openness and honesty might differ in relationships, there are a few sexual orientation conversation no-nos. Asking him if ‘he’s sure his bisexual or how many people they slept with can feel insensitive and could turn him off to a conversation altogether. Sexual orientation is already a sensitive matter, so it’s wise to keep the sexual partner count off-limits for now. Instead, talk about boundaries like any other relationships. This is something important to converse about in order to prevent insecurity issues later on.

Communication is the key

Dating someone who is bisexual follows the similar rule of a general relationship, keeping a clear and honest line of communication. This is especially essential in relationships in which at least one partner is bisexual. When you choose to date someone who is bisexual, it is common to have questions about their sexual preference. Many might still be unsure of what it’s like to date someone who is attracted to both the genders. Conversely, many people who have dated bisexuals in college note that this is not really an issue as long as communication is given priority. Just like any other relationships, the best thing to do is keep communication open.

People will ask you questions, too

People who have dated bisexuals have all had experiences with people asking them questions about their relationships. It may get repetitive and annoying to answer questions like “how it is like to be with him” or “If their sexuality bothers you”. Hearing your friends constantly ask about your relationship can get you weary, but don’t let it affect your relationship. The only thing that matters is if you and your boyfriend are happy together.

You must respect his “out” status

Bisexuals may be mindful of whom they’re coming out to. Everyone has delicate stuff that shouldn’t be brought up around certain people, like family. Some have not yet gained the courage to come out to their family or high school friends. If they’re coming out to selective people, you need to respect that. It is just like any other sensitive information that pops up in a relationship.