Finding and Talking to Bisexual Women Online

For some, it’s a logical and potentially liberating experience. One need only look to The Big Bang Theory and “the Shamy” for evidence of that. Sheldon and Amy have had their ups and downs, but regardless of how their awkward, geeky, absolutely lovable liaison ends, their relationship is undeniably one of the most memorable couples of the decade—and “it all started with a big bang” and their being matched by an online dating site.

For others, it’s at best a laughable diversion and at worst a maze of hard-to-navigate neuroses.

And for those that are curious, here are a few tips and tricks when it comes to finding bisexual women online and taking the first steps towards dating.

Where to Find Bisexual Women

One of the great benefits of online dating is that it’s allowed for more specificity when searching for a mate, such as JDate for Jews, Christian Mingle for Christians, and there’s even a website that allows Green Bay Packers fans to find one another in the hopes an online Hail Mary can melt the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field and lonely hearts.

The same holds for bisexual sites such as bisexual women dating sites can help you find other bisexuals online. Then there are dating sites such as OKCupid that have bi-specific sections. Navigating these sites and successfully finding the person of your dreams will depend just as much on the other variables you put into their algorithms as narrowing things down to simply bisexual women.

Then of course there’s good old Facebook. The social giant has provided an incredible means of intercontinental connection, with groups and subgroups for just about everyone, including bisexual women. In fact, limiting individuals to just that, just “bisexual women” does both them and Facebook a disservice here—there’s such a wealth of diversity when it comes to personality and interests in both Facebook groups and the individuals which populate them that finding a mate isn’t just possible, but something that happens every day online.

How to Talk to Bisexual Women

So, what’s the best way of dating a bisexual?

Treating them as a person first.

Defining someone exclusively by one attribute—be it race, gender, orientation, etc.—is rarely a good idea, and even less so when it’s something over which we have little to no control. After all, bisexual women can be and are incredibly diverse in terms of everything from personality and tastes to beliefs and viewpoints. What’s more, this can be extra obnoxious in the online arena where, more and more, one’s orientation will be displayed anyway—especially on dating sites—meaning that your drawing attention to it really comes down to your harping on the obvious, which is never compelling behavior for would-be mates.

So, what’s a better move? Focusing on shared common interests, for one. You’ll also want to try and do your best to match your tone of voice to their apparent mood—that is, whatever aspects of it are reflected on their personal bio—while still sounding, acting, and generally being yourself. If the matter of sexuality DOES come up in your discussions, go at your own pace, and don’t feel pressured to divulge more than makes you comfortable. After all, dating’s all about finding the right fit, not forcing things.